Hey there! I'm Katerina and I'm a video creator originally from Moscow, but now based in Basel, Switzerland. I specialize in producing commercial and content videos, particularly for fashion and interior design brands. I have experience working with Swiss, Portuguese, Italian, American, and Russian brands. That being said, I'm always eager to explore new genres, formats, and creative concepts.


In short, I was born in the heart of harsh Siberia, Omsk. I have lived a life of constant movement, attending 6 different schools and residing in 4 different cities throughout my childhood. Ultimately, I graduated from a school in Moscow before pursuing higher education at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas.


Having worked as a business planning analyst in the oil transportation industry for 7 years, I developed a keen eye for planning, writing, counting, and double-checking everything. However, when I transitioned to producing and filming, I realized that these skills were highly transferable and helped me excel in my new career. 


I would be thrilled to collaborate with your business and create unique and stylish content for it, be it a video for an advertising campaign or daily content for your social media. I will be delighted to reflect the concept and values of your brand in the video, and if necessary, I will provide my own ideas and utilize all my skills to achieve the most impactful result.


If you are interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via any convenient means.



I would be glad to adhere to the concept and values of you or your brand, if necessary, offer my own ideas and utilize all my skills to achieve the most effective result. 



Backstage photos

As a fashion and brand-focused videographer, I've had the pleasure of working with amazing brands from Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, United States, and Russia.

I invite you to check out my portfolio to see the results of these collaborations.